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OvuSense OvuFirst


OvuFirst.... cycle tracking for women with regular cycles. With future plans for applications in pregnancy and menopause tracking. OvuFirst is the most accurate skin-worn cycle monitoring device on the market - putting women in control of their health, improving their chances of pregnancy, and providing evidence for treatment if needed.

OvuSense OvuCore


OvuCore.... comprehensive cycle tracking for women with common issues like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and endometriosis. OvuCore is the only product on the market with 48-hour advance prediction of ovulation and 99% accurate ovulation confirmation using current cycle data - helping women and their clinicians to better manage their health.

OvuSense Pro

OvuSense Pro

OvuSense Pro.... clinician portal allowing remote screening for common women's health issues and monitoring of treatments using enhanced cycle pattern analysis - helping, for example, to avoid miscarriage, track dietary changes and monitor ovarian stimulation.

Customer Stories


Lisa was able to use the OvuSense OvuCore sensor to understand if and when she was ovulating. The Gonçalves now have a baby boy.


Hina says 'I love how easy and comfortable OvuFirst is to use. As a medical provider, this is a wonderful resource women to understand and take control of their health.’


Kirsty had struggled with several conception issues over a number of years. She took a chance on OvuSense after failed IVF. She now has two ‘OvuSense children’.