Clinical research published proving superior accuracy of OvuFirst skin-worn sensor

viO HealthTech is delighted that recent peer-reviewed research into the OvuFirst sensor and algorithm has been published in the latest issue of Frontiers Journal of Bioengineering – New Technologies for Women’s Health

This is an important milestone in establishing our market leadership in accuracy for skin worn temperature sensors for understanding reproductive cycles, placing that accuracy in the context of our competitors, and explaining its benefit.  It also outlines how our unique algorithms are capable of helping women that have atypical cycle patterns due to PCOS, hypothyroidism, and late ovulation.

From day one clinical research has been at the heart of our company, and our OvuFirst sensor will be the key technology enabling our DTx offerings being rolled out over the next two years. These Digital Therapeutics will support women managing common health issues from puberty through to menopause. Many thanks to the authors and research team that’s worked so hard to bring this paper to life.