Version 2 OvuSense is here

Old Saybrook, Conn. & Warwick, UK,

Fertility Focus, a leading fertility monitoring technology company that is helping empower women who are struggling to conceive, has launched a comprehensive updated version of their app for its fertility monitor, OvuSense next month. The latest app update combines clinical accuracy with more intuitive features, offering a revolutionary, customizable way for OvuSense customers to interact with their fertility data. Access to this in-depth level of personal fertility data allows women to understand their unique cycles in real-time and take back control of planning for pregnancy.

“OvuSense customers are seeking information unique to them, often at a pivotal time in their lives,” said Kate Davies, Fertility Nurse Consultant and IVF Coach RN BSc (HONS) FP Cert. “The latest OvuSense app incorporates direct feedback from our users to make sure anyone using OvuSense has a positive experience. The enhanced features combined with our clinically-backed fertility monitor strive to make the fertility journey as smooth and informative as possible.”

OvuSense has been used in over 50,000 cycles, with over 28,600 cycles started within the last year. Through an internal device that is worn like a tampon overnight, OvuSense uses in-cycle temperature information to predict ovulation in real time. It is the only fertility monitor that can see ovulation before it happens, and can confirm ovulation took place with 99% clinically-proven accuracy. OvuSense is a class 2 medical device – approved under the following authority certifications: CE mark in Europe, FDA 510(k) in USA, CMDCAS in Canada, TGA in Australia.

When trying to conceive, many women find they need multiple apps to collect the different types of data needed to time when to have intercourse, undergo an intrauterine insemination (IUI), or in vitro fertilization (IVF). With this in mind, the makers of OvuSense listened to customer feedback, as well as consulted health and fertility specialists, to implement requested key features in one convenient, digital location. Keeping all of the valuable data gathered by OvuSense in one place allows users to have more productive conversations with their doctor and helps reduce the frustration of searching for data across multiple platforms. The newest app is available to OvuSense users for free alongside purchase of the sensor, and has the same extremely accurate way to track ovulation as before with additional customizable features.

Unlike skin and oral temperature monitors that cannot detect the initial rise in progesterone associated with ovulation, OvuSense measures core temperature, mirroring the subtle variations in progesterone throughout users’ cycles. Rather than combining apps to monitor ovulation and track medications, medical events, or share data with their partner or physician, Version 2.0 incorporates all these features into one easy to use app.

The app update includes the following features:

  • The most accurate way to monitor cycles – Unlike any other monitor, OvuSense provides 24 hours advance notice of when users are going to ovulate using data from the current cycle. Now with even more user-friendly features and data to log, OvuSense is all users need at home to accurately track their fertility.
  • Three ways to view data – OvuSense’s latest app allows users the flexibility to view their data in three different ways, depending on their needs.
    • Raw Data- shows users the single overnight temperature points they download from their Sensor plotted on the chart. Use this to understand the daily fluctuations in temperature.
    • Smooth Data- is used to predict and detect ovulation and is probably the curve that users will use most often. Because OvuSense is adding data each day the most recent points on the chart will change position.
    • Combined Data- shows users the smooth data graph drawn over the top of the raw data graph to give users an overall picture of their fertility cycle unlike any other fertility monitor or app.
  • More choices for logging events than most other apps – Only OvuSense allows users to track how medication and/or supplements affect their cycle pattern, giving them and their clinician the confidence that the treatment is working. The app’s customizable features now allow users to easily log multiple events (such as IUIs, HCG trigger shots, and more) for the same day, making it a useful diary of key fertility events that they can share with their doctor.