Fertility Focus launches FertiloSim

Fertility Focus is delighted to announce the launch the FertiloSim virtual training simulator.

A breakthrough in surgical technique for infertility, the FertiloSim enables trained gynaecology surgeons to experience and learn the fertiloscopy procedure in lifelike simulation without needing to set up patient lists or travel to dedicated training centres.   Training simulation, much like flight simulators for pilots in the airline industry, is revolutionising the world of surgery.

Find out more about how FertiloSim works by clicking here: www.youtube.com/watch

The FertiloSim, developed by the Swiss virtual training specialist – VirtaMed – has three main training programs:

First, it guides each trainee through the Pouch of Douglas puncture step of the procedure, helping to learn the correct angle and speed of puncture for the Veress needle.  Repetition improves the skill and the trainee quickly becomes comfortable with the concept.   Secondly, it allows a trainee to acquaint themselves with the position of the reproductive organs, and see a dye test being performed.  Lastly, it takes the trainee on a tour of the pelvic anatomy and various simulated pathologies, and times the speed at which a number of features are visualised.

Contact [email protected] to find out more about adding the FertiloSim to your residency program or training course.