Another OvuSense Pregnancy

Hi, my name is Kirsty and I’m pregnant with my second baby after using OvuSense for 2 cycles. With OvuSense, I was able not only work out, if and when, I was ovulating, but how long my Luteal Phase was. Turns out, we were trying to conceive at completely the wrong time. Here’s my story:

Kirsty’s story, May 2015

My husband and I have been trying for 2 years to conceive again as we already have a daughter together. I am 29 years old and the first time I got pregnant, I was 23. It took 6 months to get pregnant with my daughter, so we were really hoping it wouldn’t take as long as it did the first time. Unfortunately, we were wrong.
I saw OvuSense advertised on Facebook and the fact it worked for women who have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), made me read more about it and eventually order one online. In addition, the OvuSense money back guarantee, ‘OvuSense Ovulation Promise’ really sold it for me as I didn’t think I was ovulating at all. Knowing that I could get my money back after 6 months if OvuSense didn’t detect ovulation for me, was a big relief financially.

Before OvuSense, I tried ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) but never once got a positive result of ovulation. I wasn’t sure they were actually working for me. OvuSense was really was my last hope before committing to paying a small fortune for private treatment. I knew that as someone who already had child, I wasn’t going to get the help and support I needed second time around. I had less support and felt more pressure, my daughter is desperate for a sibling and it seemed all my friends were having their second babies.

After one cycle, OvuSense detected ovulation for me. I was surprised as didn’t think I ovulated at all! In fact after I had the confirmation of ovulation from my OvuSense, I emailed Lucinda at OvuSense office, and told her that I thought the machine was incorrect. Lucinda confirmed that I had indeed ovulated that cycle. I couldn’t have been more pleased!
My period arrived 3 weeks later and that’s when I started trusting what OvuSense was telling me. I had very long cycles, nearly 80 days, and an extremely long Luteal Phase of 3 weeks. The great thing is that I had no idea about the length of my Luteal Phase before OvuSense. With OvuSense, I was able not only work out, if and when, I was ovulating, but how long my Luteal Phase was. Turns out, we were trying to conceive at completely the wrong time.

The added benefit with OvuSense that I really felt less stressed while trying to conceive. Because I trusted what it was telling me, I stopped checking my cervical mucus every time I went to the toilet, also stopped checking my cervix daily, and I generally felt more relaxed.

Conceiving my daughter was a stressful time; sex lost all meaning of love, and being together, and my husband I promised each other we wouldn’t do that to ourselves this time. By knowing the right time to have sex using OvuSense really helped with this.

It’s such great news too. Timing is perfect for us to have a second baby as I am now going to be able to take my daughter to school every day, and pick her up for her first year of school because I’ll be on maternity leave with our new baby! Couldn’t be more pleased.

Obviously, I am over the moon to be pregnant a second time. I didn’t think I ovulated at all, turns out I was wrong!
I also found out by using OvuSense that I have a 3 week Luteal Phase meaning we weren’t having sex at the right time, second cycle on OvuSense and I’m pregnant. I would not have known otherwise; best money I have ever spent. Highly recommend buying OvuSense!
Kirsty xx

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