OvuSense launches in UK

In a step forward for infertility diagnosis and treatment, a reliable predictor of the fertile period is now available to help fertility specialists monitor intrauterine insemination treatment.

It is estimated that as many as 1 in 6 couples experience difficulty in getting pregnant.  Failure to conceive can cause a couple deep anxiety and desperation. They want to find out what the problem could be and how to resolve it as quickly as possible.

For the first time, OvuSense™ offers a reliable and reassuring predictor of the fertile period which works by accurate assessment of the presence or absence of ovulation. Developed and trialled using the gold standard reference of ultrasound, OvuSense™ enables fertility specialists to determine the optimum timing for intrauterine insemination treatment. By providing user friendly information in a novel and simple to use home based system, OvuSense™ also helps couples themselves to assess the best time in each cycle for sexual intercourse, and whether they may need treatment. Once the information is provided, the couple can either be reassured or they can be advised on their next course of action.

OvuSense™, the Advanced Fertility Monitor, was launched to a very well attended British Fertility Society meeting in Leeds on 6th January 2012. OvuSense™  is a professional product for home use, on clinical recommendation. It is anticipated that the fertility specialist and the patient will use OvuSense™ together to predict the optimum timing for conception, whether under natural or stimulated cycles.

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