OvuSense presenting at “Best eHealth Solution” final in EU eHealthWeek

Fertility Focus is delighted to announce it will be presenting OvuSense at the “Best eHealth Solution” final in EU eHealthWeek on 9th June.   From the beginning of June 2016, Fertility Focus will be rolling out the next generation OvuSense product and reaching the Best eHealth Solution final marks a major milestone in the product’s development.

CEO, Robert Milnes says “Our next generation OvuSense product will deliver the same unique realtime ovulation prediction technology in a new format that will make it easier for women to try out.   It marks a new chapter in the company’s progress, building on a significant year of growth in users in 2015, the opening of a subsidiary organisation in the USA and our leading position supporting women who are struggling to conceive whether they use OvuSense or not.”

Amy, an OvuSense user, says: “I used OvuSense for three months and became pregnant! Very precise. I didn’t even think I ovulated until I used this. Worth every penny!”

Another user of OvuSense, Jenny says, “The best decision I have ever made was to buy OvuSense! I bought my OvuSense after the second failed round of ovarian stimulation, and the first month of using OvuSense, I found out that I ovulated late in my cycle. My blood test 7 days later confirmed how accurate OvuSense was for me.”