Announcement: viO HealthTech Partners with Ovum Health

viO HealthTech Partners with Ovum Health to Improve Access to Personalized Information at Home for Women Trying to Conceive and Manage Their Broader Health

The Industry’s Most Accurate Cycle Monitor Partnered with the Leading Women’s Health Clinic Supporting Patients with Multi-Specialty Physicians, Patient Advocates, and Nutritionists

viO HealthTech, the manufacturer of the OvuSense women’s health screening and monitoring platform, and Ovum Health, a leading virtual women’s fertility health clinic licensed in eight US states and growing, announce a collaboration to provide patients with greater access to critical health data in managing their health.  Supporting all women on their health journey, especially those living with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, thyroid issues and menopause, patients will now have greater access to the world’s most accurate cycle monitor to make more informed decisions, with the support of Ovum’s clinical team members.

Ovum will recommend the OvuSense platform to help its clinician’s support patients, using the OvuSense Pro clinician portal to help understand their patient’s health issues and manage their therapeutic intervention prior to and during a timed intercourse cycle.

Ovum Health supports patients with comprehensive mobile diagnostics as the core to building a foundational relationship with each patient. Additionally, the practice provides medical nutrition therapy, oral treatments, nutritional supplements, and when in-person care is needed, patients often travel to the company’s Alabama facility, or they are identified and referred to a more geo-convenient partner in Texas, California, Illinois, Georgia, Alabama, New York, Florida or Wisconsin, with plans to expand into all 50 states in 2024.

“We serve a reproductive-aged population seeking a healthy pregnancy but struggling with chronic health conditions often undertreated until they find us. The OvuSense data is undeniably helpful and the device the most affordable for those with insurance, including Medicaid and commercial insurance plans,” shared Alice Crisci, Co-Founder and CEO of Ovum Health. “By offering OvuSense to help our clinical team understand their patient’s unique cycle patterns, we aim to improve patient outcomes with a healthier pregnancy, achieved more quickly.”

“Ovum Health is a wonderful new partner for viO, as the care they deliver very much shares our vision of understanding and treating the health needs of each woman, as an individual” offered Rob Milnes, CEO of viO HealthTech. “We’re proud to be recognized as the only 510(k) approved class II cycle monitor with 99% clinical accuracy in confirming ovulation, and cycle phases, and know that the unique cycle flags shown by our OvuSense Pro clinician portal can further improve the expertise which Ovum brings to its patients on a daily basis.”

Building on the research-led mentality of both companies, the new partnership will also involve enhanced clinical research, and co-development of digital therapeutics building on the unique OvuSense Intellectual Property and Ovum’s recent implementation of the IBM WatsonX platform.

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