OvuSense announces partnership with ExSeed:a complete monitoring solution for the trying to conceive couple.

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Introducing the ultimate couple’s holistic approach to fertility, we are proud to announce a partnership today between ExSeed®, the home based sperm testing company and Fertility Focus, the makers of the OvuSense fertility monitor and OvuSense® Pro clinical screening and medication tracking tool.

Robert Milnes, CEO of Fertility Focus says “In the face of unprecedented health and economic disruption caused by the covid-19 pandemic, recent research shows Millennials and Gen-Z are determined more than ever to build a different future.  They’ve been forced to spend much of the past year online, and the feeling of uncertainty that a pandemic brings means they want to regain some control.  It’s focussed their minds on key life goals such as starting or growing a family.  In fact, this online generation is the future of families, so it makes perfect sense to offer OvuSense and ExSeed together as the complete testing solution for the couple.”

ExSeed is a home use medical device which allows male partners to track their total motile sperm count with >95% proven accuracy, and understand their sperm quality. This parameter is the best initial predictor of male fertility, and tracking it over time provides reassurance that dietary and lifestyle improvements are increasing the chances of conception from the male partner’s side. 

Also for use in the home, OvuSense measures female continuous core body temperature (cCBT). It predicts ovulation up to 24 hours’ in advance, and confirms the exact date of ovulation with 99% clinically proven accuracy.Based on recently published clinical studies of over 8,000 OvuSense users, the OvuSense® Pro clinical portal allows doctors to screen for potential causes of female sub-fertility, risk of miscarriage and potential pregnancy complications, and then track the effect of changes in diet, lifestyle and treatments

Together, OvuSense and ExSeed give couples the best chance of timing conception, and the reassurance to know they can achieve a successful pregnancy.

According to Morten G. Ulsted, CEO and Co-Founder of ExSeed, “Almost every couple that is now trying to conceive has grown up with mobile devices, and they use every online means possible to gain a detailed understanding of their health. At the same time, the generational shift means the male partner is now much more likely to want to participate actively in solving a couples trying to conceive issues. That’s what makes the ExSeed and OvuSense combination best placed to be THE solution for this tech-savvy generation.”

Both ExSeed and OvuSense provide you with daily fertility insights via an App, and together they offer best in class clinically proven medical monitoring, allowing couples to share data and work with their specialists remotely while monitoring their fertility health at home.  

Get a 20% off ExSeed and 30% discount off OvuSense and OvuSense® Pro with code: COMPLETEFERTILITY until March 20th 2021. ExSeed is currently licensed for sale in the UK and Europe. OvuSense and OvuSense® Pro are licensed for sale in UK, EU, USA, Canada and Australia.

To learn more and redeem your discount visit OvuSense www.ovusense.com and ExSeed www.exseedhealth.com

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For more information, contact:

Rob Milnes                                                                        

Fertility Focus                                                             Next Step Communications

[email protected]                               [email protected]

Morten G. Ulsted

ExSeed Health

[email protected]

About Fertility Focus, makers of OvuSense and OvuSense® Pro

With the ultimate goal of increasing pregnancy rates and helping women understand their fertility, Fertility Focus brings a new approach to the issue of sub-fertility diagnosis and treatment. Through its core products, OvuSense and OvuSense® Pro, the company provides women and their clinicians the ability to predict and confirm ovulation, as well as screen for issues associated with sub-fertility, risk of miscarriage and risk of pregnancy.  No other method of fertility monitoring in the clinic or home offers these features. The company is continuously developing new technology to support women along all stages of their fertility journeys and manages the largest closed support group on Facebook for women who have PCOS and trying to conceive called, ‘PCOS Fertility Support Group’ with over 35,000 members. Driven by their own experiences with infertility, the Fertility Focus leadership group are committed to empowering women and improving the chance of successful conception. [citations as above]

About ExSeed Health, makers of the ExSeed® sperm testing system

At ExSeed Health we’re male health experts on a mission to address the 40% of all infertility that’s male related but currently remains largely neglected across the globe. We built our company to utilize the latest scientific advances in fertility and health research to offer a range of innovative products, enabling men and couples to take ownership of their reproductive health. We’re also proud to break unnecessary taboos and create awareness around male fertility in the process by making the conversations on the male part easier and straightforward – as they should be.

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